Monday, January 23, 2012

Days 4 and 5

What do you find irritating about the same sex and opposite sex?


1.) When girls do that playing "dumb" thing for attention, or because they think it's cute
2.) I also don't like when girls act like they're outrageously tough, and threaten to get into fights for dumb reasons. 
3.) I don't like girls (this goes for guys too, I guess) who break up with their significant other and the get back together every other week. 


1.) When they yell, or swear a lot while watching football/ any other sport. My brother does this a lot, and it makes me want to kill him. 
2.) When guys act different around certain [groups of] people. (girls do this too, but I've seen more guys do it)
3.) Just like with girls, I don't like when guys act like they're super tough and try to pick fights. 

These lists would probably be a lot longer on any other day, but I have been secluded to my room, and away from people all day. 
The person you currently like, and why you like them.

This one is... difficult, awkward, ect. I just got out of a relationship that lasted nearly two years. I don't have any new love interests, and I'm quite certain I still have very strong feelings for my ex-boyfriend. And that is all I have to say on the subject for the moment being.

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