Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 14

10 things people don't really expect about me.

1.) I am actually extremely organized. You'd call me a liar if you saw my bedroom, yes. But, when it comes to school, the pictures and documents on my computer, and my money, I am probably one of the most organized people out there.

2.) I'm allergic to cats, dogs, and most animals that shed. Yet, I absolutely love animals.

3.) I'm pretty sure I have seasonal depression.

4.) I constantly bite my nails, and pick at the skin surrounding them.

5.) I haven't shaved my legs in about a month. I hate shaving, so I don't do it much during the winter. I'm always wearing jeans anyway.

6.) I hate grocery shopping. I hate clothes shopping. I love craft shopping.

7.) I've had a very fucked up childhood, and suffered from a lot of verbal and emotion abuse. And because of that I've decided that I want to be a social worker, or some type of therapist. 

8.) Someday, possibly when I'm ready to retire from my real job, I want to open up a little Cafe. 

9.) I hate the town of Fremont. I really do. It's full of bad memories, and cruel people. There's nothing here. 

10.) I very much dislike chicken. The only chicken I like, which happens to be one of my favorite foods, is chicken tenders. Crunchy chicken tenders, dipped in honey mustard. 

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