Friday, July 29, 2011

Shop update and other random tidbits

I went to Red Robins for the first time ever yesterday. It. Was. Amazing. Honestly, the best burger I've ever had. It was so freakin' yummy! I also just updated my shop with some new items. 

I snagged this coaster from Red Robbins. I'm probably gonna pin it up on my wall at some point! :P

These are some of the 2 pronged alligator clips that I got from Hobby Lobby. Actually, Andreea bought them for me, because she is super awesome! :)

And these are my first batch of crochet bow hair clips! Which were included in my shop update! These are kind of an experiment. Basically each little set comes with one clip, and then three bows. The idea is that the bows are interchangeable. You just slip the clip in the back of the bows. 

And last but not least, new crocheted bow headbands! I really like all these colors. I can't wait until fall actually gets here, I'm going to make so many of these for myself! :)

Make sure to go check out the shop update for yourselves! 


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