Thursday, July 28, 2011

Granny Squares, Stress, and Daily Life

I haven't posted on here in a while. A lot has happened. I got my septum pierced, started a granny square afghan, rebuilt a bridge with an old friend, finally started freaking out about college. 
Life is good mostly, I just need to learn how to control stress and my anxiety better. And I've come to the point in my life where I need to do what's best for myself, and not worry so much about other people. Everything is going to be fine. 

Updates in pictures

My new project is to make myself a granny square afghan. I'm going to crochet 3 squares a day until I graduate next June, and then assemble a wonderful, huge, blanket for my dorm room. It's going to be bright blue and pink. 

My new toy camera. I absolutely love this thing. It's supposed to look like a real 35mm SLR camera, but really it's just a rip off fake. There are actually lead weights in the bottom of the camera to give that SLR camera heft. I can't wait until I get some film and try this thing out!

As far as crocheting goes, I've been making so many hats and bow headbands. They are really a lot of fun to make, and it's really relaxing. They sell pretty well in my shop too. :P

Went on what I call "A crafty adventure" with Andreea last week. We stopped by a small shop in the next town over, and we were pleasantly surprised to find this Pikachu fabric. I am so in love with this stuff, I made Andreea by a yarn so she could make me a Pokemon wallet. 

And I've definetvely been enjoying this Boston Cream Pie Ben & Jerry's. It's so yummy!

And I learned that for my college photography classes I need to invest in a 35mm film SLR camera. So, that means I need to ditch this FujiFilm point and shoot pronto! 


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